Metal Detectors For Sale

Hand held metal detectors have been around since the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s when they really began to take off in popularity. What began in many cases with a few people experimenting from their garages has blossomed into a series of major businesses selling tens of thousands of electronic metal detectors every year.

Who buys a metal detector? A lot of average people for one. These lightweight and easy to operate “treasure locators” make great hobbies for young and old. There is a certain thrill to finding something that has been buried for decades, even if that something is nothing more than an old belt buckle, a rusted toy or a single penny. The mystery of these things is in guessing their history, who lost them, or otherwise left them in that place, and why. The price of many units is low enough they can be given as gifts to children and teenagers, and in fact, there are many models of kids metal detectors that are built especially for children. These are simple little locators, but often pack some surprisingly impressive features.

Many people might consider buying a metal detector, but they cannot think of anyplace they could use one. If you aren’t close to the beach, where can you go? Well, for starters, may people go to parks, some to schoolyards, and some only to their own backyards and those of friends and family. All of these places can be excellent locations for treasure hunting. There are also many other opportunities, but some of them need a bit of thought to figure out. Treasure hunters have often reported good luck by searching places where city sidewalks are being replaced. Sometimes these same areas were used for walkways long before the sidewalks were installed, and generally speaking metal detectors were invented long after sidewalks. Which means that there is a good likelihood that there may have been something dropped while people were walking there. The rule of thumb is that you want to search in places where people congregate or have congregated at some time in the past.

In many parts of Europe, some of the hottest finds are coming out of farmer’s fields. What appears to be just an ordinary field today may have been the site of a battle, or even a village at some time in the distant past. Even in the U.S. we can sometimes find small treasures in places that appear to be nothing more than vacant lots. Many houses have been built, grown old, and been razed. All of these had occupants and many times the occupants may have lost or even purposely buried small objects or caches of coins in their yards. If those objects are still there, a hand held metal detector is a perfect way to find them.

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