Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II Metal Detector with Pinpointer and Carry Bag

The Quick Draw II features auto and selective notch filters, which enable discrimination between different types of metals. This means that the detector can tell the difference between a quarter and a bottle cap, and can use the LCD digital display to relay this information to the operator. Discrimination provides a great advantage when working in areas with a lot of trash such as around picnic areas in parks where there may be a number of aluminum pull tabs buried. By adjusting the detector to ignore these items, the operator has the benefit of only being alerted to items that may be of value.

Bounty Hunter uses both an audible tone and a visual signal to alert the operator to buried objects that pass under the 8 inch search coil. There is a headphone jack that will allow the use of headphones when working in noisy areas, or in places where it might be better to make a little less noise.

Like much more expensive units, the Quick Draw II features an electronic touch pad control and LCD graphic display that make the unit easy to operate. The display reports the type of metal the object appears to be made of as well as the expected depth. While soil conditions can fool this technology on any metal detector, having the ability to sort this way is a lot better than not having it.

The single-piece aluminum shaft is lightweight, yet feels solid when swung.

Carry bag and electronic pinpointer are included in this package.

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