Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

The BH QSI features automatic ground balance with BH’s Squelch-Tech technology. Ground balance is an important feature offered by better quality metal detectors. Natural conditions within all soils can throw off a metal detector by giving false signals when there is a high mineral content in the soil, or deadening actual signals that might otherwise indicate treasure. Ground balance allows the operator to adjust the metal detector’s circuitry to account for these differences in soil conditions. The problem is that soil conditions can change within a matter of feet and this can leave the operator readjusting the detector on a frequent basis. Bounty Hunter’s automatic adjustment means the operator can spend more time enjoying the hobby and less time turning knobs.

Audio feedback and a digital control panel with a 4-segment target identification allow the operator to pre-screen any finds prior to digging them.

This metal detector uses 2, 9 volt batteries which are easy to install, but are not included, so be sure to pick some up before your order arrives. The handle and shaft are made of aluminum and can be easily separated into shorter pieces for storage or transportation.

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