Bounty Hunter TRACKERIV/TK4-PL Tracker IV Metal Detector

I have only used this machine for a short while, but I have been quite pleased with the operation so far.

The Tracker IV offers automatic ground balancing, a feature that saves a lot of fussing with dials when compared to many low cost detectors. There is a 3 position switch on the right side of the control panel that changes the operation from all metal to a discrimination mode that rejects iron and steel and finally a tone mode than will provide different tones when passed over different metals.

When searching recently for a property corner in a trashy area, I really appreciated the discrimination mode. First I would sweep until I found something, and then I would switch discrimination on to eliminate iron. Since the property corner I was looking for was iron, if the metal detector still gave off a signal after being switched to discriminate, I knew the object could not be the iron corner I was looking for.

The shaft adjusts in length to accommodate most adults and the weight is negligible. Best of all the detector runs on just two 9 volt batteries instead of multiple battery-packs each filled with four to six double A’s. Fewer batteries means less cost and less that you have to carry out into the field in order to ensure your metal detector will continue to work.

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