American Hawks

American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Arm Support, View Meter, Waterproof Search Coil with Headphone, Bag, Batteries

Once kids reach their tweens, they begin to need a little bit better metal detector than the basic units. American Hawks produces this fully functional locator that is priced perfectly for older youngsters who aren’t quite ready for the more expensive machines. A locator like this one can also provide a great deal of fun for adults who just want a small inexpensive metal detector to play with.

The shaft is adjustable from 23 to 34 ½ inches, allowing it to fit comfortably with individuals of many heights. The unit is adjustable for sensitivity, discrimination threshold, and volume, and it operates off one 9 V battery which can easily be found almost everywhere. The arm support is adjustable much like the shaft so that this unit can truly be made to fit a number of different people.