Children love metal detectors

When parents are looking for hobbies that they can share with their children, metal detecting sometimes comes to mind. Time spent searching for coins on the beach, or for relics at old homesites, or even just poking around in the yard can provide valuable bonding between parents and child. Metal detecting is an easy hobby to learn, and it is one the child can master even without a lot of adult supervision.


Children love the feeling of being on a treasure hunt. The idea that they might find a buried treasure, (even if that treasure is nothing more than a few pennies,) will often motivate children to spend many hours outside either searching at the beach, or even in the backyard. If the idea is to encourage children to spend more time outside, then metal detecting is a natural option. Even if children do nothing more than spend all of their afternoon walking around the backyard searching for lost coins were bits of old toys, they will have much more time and exposure to the outdoors than they would on the couch playing video games.


There are a number of different types of treasure hunting that can be done with metal detectors. Some areas include relic hunting, meteor scouting, coin shooting, and even searching for deposits of precious orders such as gold and silver. For the most part the easiest of these for children to participate in is probably relic hunting and coin shooting. For those fortunate enough to own or live in an older home, children may be able to relic hunt right in the backyard. It is not uncommon in the yards of hundred year old homes to find old metal toys, numbers of coins, and other small lost were cast off items. Coin shooting can be done on the beach, in a park, on school ground, or any place that people have gathered or passed by. This provides many places where children can safely go to use their metal detectors and enjoy some outdoor time.


Kids can gain in other ways besides just outdoor time. A big part of the fun of treasure hunting is researching places to hunt. Even children can learn to do this, scanning old maps, or reading old books looking for references to places and towns that may no longer exist. These are often excellent places for relic hunting, and even for coin shooting. This kind of research can give kids a good education in local history, and can help them come to appreciate the people and places that existed years ago.


Metal detecting offers a number of benefits for children, and he can offer quality time for parents and children to spend together. The excitement that children feel on a treasure hunt can easily spread to those around them, helping the adults to feel the wonder and excitement that they felt when they too were children.

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