Children’s Metal Detectors on the beach

Perhaps one of the most popular places for metal detecting is at the beach. This is the 1st location that comes to mind for many hobbyists, and many people use it as their main hunting location. The beach is a good location when treasure hunting with children, because if the kids get tired of searching for coins they can always play in the water. There is usually a large amount of lost material at the beach, much of which may look like no more than scrap to adults but may appear as a marvelous treasure to children.


Beaches also usually have a number of people with metal detectors on them every day. This does not mean that there are no items left to find. The great thing about metal detecting as a hobby, is that there is always something else that no one has found.


When searching for a metal detector is wise to look for one that has a waterproof search coil if for no other reason than it gives you the ability to search right to the water’s edge, or even into very shallow water. Of course, a waterproof search coil is not the same as a completely waterproof metal detector. Many metal detectors come with waterproof search coils, but truly waterproof metal detectors can be used fully submerged and are often purchased by scuba divers when searching wreck sites. A simple waterproof search coil, however, will suffice for most individuals who simply want to search right along the water’s edge or in a few inches of water.


There are 2 main types of beaches: those on the ocean, and those on lakes. Ocean beaches have high and low tides, and those individuals who are unfamiliar with searching on ocean Beach need to spend a little time learning when the tides are high and low in the area they intend to search. A low tide can expose much more area where items may have been lost. Beaches on lakes do not offer this high-low water line and so searching there is much more straightforward since the water level will vary little from day to night.


With droughts in many areas it is not uncommon for water levels to drop in some inland lakes. This also can provide a large area that can be worked with metal detectors.  Many times we think there are no opportunities for treasure hunting, when in fact many opportunities exist almost everywhere.


When working beaches and waterfront areas, it is important to pay attention to where people move from and to. Is there a path that people generally take from the beach to restrooms, a concession stand, where the parking lot. These types of paths often provide excellent places for treasure hunting, since these are the places where people are, and it is people that lose the very small treasures that we often seek.


Beaches are a great place for treasure hunting and even if it appears that the beach has many people with metal detectors working on it, there will still be opportunities for the average individual to find coins, jewelry, and other small items.



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