There are many places where everyone can go metal detecting

Many people are interested in metal detecting, but think that the opportunities for treasure hunting might be limited in their areas. These people sometimes believe that treasure hunting is something that can only be done at fabulous sites in Europe, South America, or Australia. The fact is that there are many opportunities for treasure hunting right in the average backyard.


If your home is more than just a few years old, the odds are there at least some coins have been lost in the yard. Many times the yards of older homes may harbor small tools, old coins, old toys, or other old items that have been lost were cast off. The biggest thing to be aware of when searching in your own backyard, is the location of any underground phone or power lines that might please you in peril should you dig into them. It is also a good idea to consider shrubs and bushes and any damage that might be done to eat around them. For the most part, that still leaves many areas of the backyard that would be good search grounds.


Another rule, is to not be afraid to search in places where others have already searched. Just because someone walked ahead of you carrying a very expensive metal detector, does not mean that you cannot go through with a very inexpensive unit and still find small treasures that the first hunter missed. That is the beauty of the sport of metal detecting; there is always room for one more. Just because an area appears to be worked hard by others does not mean all of the treasures of been found.


Whether searching in the backyard or out in a field somewhere, a good imagination can be a great benefit. Try to look at the area and imagine what it looked like years ago. Watch for old roadways, or old foundations or indications that there may have been buildings on the site at sometime in the past. These can indicate that there may be small treasures lost nearby.


Sometimes it pays to consider how people would move from one point to another. There may be a modern path that is cemented in line to shady trees, but there may also be a more direct path that people used years ago and that is no longer marked or readily visible. A bit of detective work to help uncover where this path may have been based upon where people would be going from and to. Treasures are lost by people; it stands to reason therefore that where people move treasures will be found.


I always enjoy seeing a sidewalk in a small town being renovated, because often after the workers leave at night you will see local citizens out with metal detectors searching the area where the sidewalks were. This is because the sidewalks were installed before metal detectors became popular and therefore any coins or small items lost may have been covered over by cement for decades.


The point is that there are always places and opportunities to practice the hobby of metal detecting. Finding such places merely take some patience and some trial and error.


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