Kids Metal Detector

Kids love treasure hunting and a metal detector is a great gift for most children. There are a couple of concerns when choosing a metal detector for kids that are different from those you might have when choosing one for an adult.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter makes this fine Junior Metal Detector for kids

A youngster receiving a first metal detector does not need the fanciest or most expensive machine available in order to have fun. A simple beep-box can provide hours of fun just digging around in the yard, and even the simplest units can find coins and metal. While an adult might want a locator with discrimination to tell the difference between types of metal before digging, a child will be just as happy digging up almost everything.

A much bigger concern when selecting an electronic metal detector for kids is to choose one that has the right length of shaft and is not too bulky. Most modern machines are designed with a cuff that rests against the bottom of your forearm while you hold the grip and swing the detector. For adults, this isn’t too much of a problem because we are all within a range of size, but because of children’s smaller stature they need a unit that is smaller in both physical size and weight.

Fortunately, there are several options available on the market today that are both inexpensive, durable and sized for children. Among those is the Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector. These American made machines are lightweight and designed to be operated by children, and feature with a shaft length that is short enough most adults would have to bend over to use them. That makes them perfect for youngsters and in families with several detectors, it means that children have their own and do not need to play with the much more expensive locators belonging to their parents.

Do not be fooled by the small size, Bounty Hunter makes serious machines that are capable of finding many types of metal, and even these junior models come with a meter and a discrimination control which are features usually only found on more expensive machines.

Elenco Metal Detector Toy with beep Alert

A basic metal detector for young children.

For only a few dollars, Elenco makes a basic unit that is lightweight, durable, and capable of finding many objects. These small machines can be an idea way to gauge a youngster’s interest in treasure hunting before actually needing to buy a junior metal detector which will probably be more sensitive and therefore more effective, but also more costly.

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