American Hawks Explorer Metal Detector Arm Support, View Meter, Waterproof Search Coil with Headphone, Bag, Batteries

Once kids reach their tweens, they begin to need a little bit better metal detector than the basic units. American Hawks produces this fully functional locator that is priced perfectly for older youngsters who aren’t quite ready for the more expensive machines. A locator like this one can also provide a great deal of fun for adults who just want a small inexpensive metal detector to play with.

The shaft is adjustable from 23 to 34 ½ inches, allowing it to fit comfortably with individuals of many heights. The unit is adjustable for sensitivity, discrimination threshold, and volume, and it operates off one 9 V battery which can easily be found almost everywhere. The arm support is adjustable much like the shaft so that this unit can truly be made to fit a number of different people.

Citiwell National Geographic Kids 3 Piece Explorer Kit (Metal Detector – Listening Dish – Binoculars)

Many times parents worry about buying a toy for their children because they fear the child may not enjoy the toy. Citywell international has relieved some of that fear by producing this three-piece set that includes a very small handheld metal detector, a parabolic dish listening device, and a pair of binoculars.

The advantage of buying a set like this is that even if the child isn’t interested in the metal detector, there are still two other toys to try to hold his or her attention. The end result is that moms and dads can expose their children to the wonders of science and electronics without spending a lot of money or risking an expensive toy that may end up on unused.

American Hawks High Performance Basic Metal Detector with Audio Alert and Red LED Alert

This simple metal detector is very similar in function to models that were popular a few years ago. The detector is nondiscriminatory, which means that it will find all metals and the buzzer will sound for any metal that passes within range of the search coil.

The shaft of this metal detector can be shortened to as little as 23 inches or lengthened to 34 ½ inches, which allows it to be used by young children. Metal detector weighs about ½ pounds and operates off a eight, 9 V battery.

This is an inexpensive lightweight metal detector that is perfect as an entry metal detector for children. Parents can expose their children to the fun of metal detecting without breaking the bank and without worrying that an expensive metal detector might get broken.

Elenco Treasure Hunter Metal Detector

The Elenco treasure Hunter metal detector can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as iron or a woman. It features a tone indicator and five LED lights that will indicate the presence of metal and the intensity of the cycle. Sensor sensitivity is adjustable and there is an adjustment for non-metal discrimination.

One great thing about these metal detectors is that they come with a plug for connecting and earphone. This provides for silent operation when children are playing indoors, and prevents the beep of the detector from annoying adults that may be in the vicinity.

Parents should be advised that this item is not for children under three years, there are small parts that present a CHOKING HAZARD.

Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector

Garret has manufactured a line of fine metal detectors for a number of years, and I personally own a GTA 500. Garret’s electronics package is extremely high quality and the locators are very good at finding and pin-pointing the kinds of metal that Treasure Hunters are looking for while rejecting the scrap.

The Ace 250 operates on 4 AA batteries, which is one-half the number necessary to operate a GTA. AA’s are a nice choice since they are lightweight and often are slightly more readily available than the 9 volt batteries that some other detectors use.

Unlike the GTA series which has batteries in a detachable battery pack that can be worn on the belt, the Ace appears to carry the batteries inside the case of the unit, which in the long run is probably as useful has having a belt carried pack. The shaft also appears to be composed of only a couple of pieces as opposed to my GTA which has a handle grip made of plastic and aluminum shafts connected to it and running in both directions. That aluminum-plastic-aluminum connection has always felt a bit flimsy in my hand, and I find I prefer a detector with a shaft that is all metal.

For the money, this entry level Garret will give you many advanced features like pinpointing and the LCD graphics are easier to understand for most people than a common meter would be. My advice is to buy earphones that have a volume control built in since Garret does not install a volume control and the speaker can be loud enough to be disturbing. Headphones can reduce some of this volume and you can always wear them around your neck with the volume turned up which so you can still hear normally but you can hear the locator at a normal level too.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior metal detector is a child-sized version of an adult metal detector. Weighing less than 2 pounds, this locator is lightweight enough for almost any child and has an adjustable shaft length that is sized for a child’s smaller stature.

The BHJS has several features not found on other children’s locators like a discrimination control and an indicator meter to help judge target depth. These features make the BHJS easy to use and give children a chance to learn the mechanics of operating and caring for a more expensive metal detector while still enjoying the thrill of finding small treasures buried up to 5 inches deep and larger ones up to 3 feet deep.

The real benefit is that children can be introduced to Treasure Hunting without the need to operate Mom and Dad’s much more expensive locators. The BHJS is featured and sensitive enough to serve as a back-up or second detector too.